All Guild Puppet Show for 2013 Puppet Festival

015ebdb4ff44f2f072b73a312ddc25a2.wix_mp_512Attention All Guild Members:

We are still planning to do a guild puppet show at our festival in April, so hope you elves are hard at work on your puppets. We have discussed how we can accomplish a show when we are so far away from each other, and came up with some parameters to better focus our creativity and keep all of the skits within a framework so that others with less time can be plugged in with the 4 months we have left.

All skits should…

  • Be some sort of fairy tale, fractured or from a different point of view are options
  • Take place in the woods. This will minimize any scenic needs.
  • Total time of 15-20 minutes encompassing all skits with some transitional/improv material to tie everything together.

Please comment with any suggestions by January 12th. This will give us time to digest the ideas before our next meeting.

We propose that our next meeting be on Saturday, January 19th. This coincides with a puppet show at the SCERA. A good opportunity to see a show and then meet.

Happy Puppeting!


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