FYI Puppet Enthusiasts Everywhere

For anyone visiting this puppetry site who may have a genuine interest in puppetry and keeping the art alive, I would like to invite you to join the Puppeteers of America (P of A) on the national level and the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah (PAGU) on a local level.

P of A is a national organization that has existed for lots and lots of years to keep the art of puppetry alive and growing.  They have just made an announcement in the last Puppetry Journal that the Puppetry Store will be closing after the end of this year’s national festival, Puppet Festival (r)Evolution August 5 – 10, 2013.

The Puppetry Store is an amazing collection of hard-to-find books, DVDs, instruction manuals, building supplies, patterns, and just great stuff.  The board of directors seems to think that it is no longer a viable entity as it is structured now, and they have voted to close it after the end of this year’s festival, restructure, revive, reimagine, and reinvent it somehow and have it ready to go again in some form by the National Festival in 2015.  That’s two years my friends.

I would like to encourage everyone to visit the Puppetry Store on the P of A website and purchase whatever you may be in need of, or interested in, as soon as you can since it will all go away for at least two years after August 10.  As an example of what treasures are out there, I was able to get a back issue of the Puppetry Journal (Winter 2007) that has a great article on one of our local craftsmen and puppet enthusiast, Jeff Cobabe.  It has a great story and lots of pictures of the most amazing puppet stage you could ever imagine.  You will soon not be able to get these types of treasures anywhere.

Let’s do all we can to keep the art of puppetry alive and thriving.

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