Final Practice and Annual Puppetry Workshop

IMG_0146photo (2) photo
Goldilocks created by Shelby Rickart

Reporting on our final building workshop meeting–As you can see from the pictures above, there are some really great puppets completed and many nearly completed .  Each area group had some very fun ideas on their portion of this “Fractured Fairytale” follies event.  If you have not completed your puppets for this event, you have a couple of weeks to get them done.  We will meet one final time on Saturday, April 13, at the SCERA Center at 1 pm for our dress rehearsal.  Each group should bring your stages, your completed puppets, and your rehearsed script to the meeting at this time for an all guild dress rehearsal.  If you hope to share a stage with another group, please contact them ahead of time to make the necessary arrangements.  Anyone who wants to perform separate from this group show for the follies, plan 5-7 minutes and let Joe know what you plan and the length so he can schedule you into the Follies.  We would invite everyone to share something.

Workshops for the annual Puppetry Workshop to be held on April 20 were discussed and Joe is finalizing the workshop schedule.  It should be ready to post early next week.  If you have any final requests for classes you would like to see taught this year, please let him know ASAP.  As soon as the class schedule is posted, you can go to the SCERA website and register online.  Any Guild member (not teaching a class) will be able to register for the workshop for $4.  If you sponsor a guest this year they will be able to register for $5.  The workshop is open to everyone and non-member attendees can register for $8; and families (up to 5 members) can register for $25.  The regularly scheduled puppet performance at the SCERA Center at 11 am is $3.  However, the Follies at the end of the day put on by members of the guild and special guests is included in your registration.

Our goal is to promote the art of puppetry and take it to new levels in the state.  If you have an interest in joining the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah to help us meet this goal, we heartily invite you to join us $10/year single or $15/year family.  Hope to see you all at the annual Puppetry Workshop on April 20.  You will be able pick up pre-registered packets at 8:30 am.  Classes will start at 9 am.

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