Final practice Saturday, April 13

Dear Guild Members,

Just a reminder that we are scheduled to have our final practice for all areas this Saturday, April 13, at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm ish at the SCERA Center, 745 South State Street, Orem.  Bring your completed puppets and all of your cast members for your area skit.  We will go over them and plan the order of skits.

Also, be sure to let Joe know if you would like to do something else as an individual, family, our group for the follies.  We would love to see as many different kinds of puppetry as we can put together.  Just remember that your skit needs to be between 5 and 7 minutes including stage prep.

Looking forward to the workshop on April 20.  You can download a schedule of classes offered this year from this website.  (See the previous post for the link.)  Really looking forward to this Saturday and seeing all the puppets that have been created for this all guild event.

If anyone has created a puppet, but is not part of an area group, please come with your puppet/s Saturday and we will get you a spot.  We want everyone to participate.  If you didn’t get a puppet completed, but would still like to be a part of this event for the follies, please let me know because we could use an extra pair of hands (for our mystery guest puppet) for our skit since Susan will not be able to attend the workshop this year.

Thanks, and see you Saturday.

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