Puppet Performance Opportunity

Puppetry Arts Guild Members,

The Princess Festival that is happening at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi starting June 18 (Tuesday) thru June 28 is still desperately looking for puppeteers (paid by the Princess Festival) to perform for this event. You would be doing the same show several times an hour throughout the day. Eventually the show will be recorded, but to start off this year, you would be working live from the script. The puppets are foam wide-mouth, half-body puppets. The stage will be provided by the Princess Festival and will be set up at Thanksgiving Point.

It’s true it has come the eleventh hour (and most of us are familiar with that), but it looks like it will all come together. Jonathan Wilson has been working to scale down the HUGE story script to a workable 13 minutes. He hopes to have that completed over the weekend. Joe has been building the puppets for the show (foam wide-mouth puppets) and they are also just completed.

If you would like to participate and could be available for even a couple of days or the whole event, please contact Joe Flores ASAP and he will give you all the details.

Thanks to all.

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