February “All-Guild” Workshop

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

Here’s the scoop for this month’s “guild-only” workshop. We will be making wanna-be puppets. That means you need to find that adorable stuffed critter hiding in your house (child’s room, maybe) or in your local second hand store. Believe me, they will call out to you–just ask Lorie Hawley. If you cannot make a choice, you just sit on the floor and play with each of them until they let you know who really wants to be a puppet. We will then rip out its innards, create a mouth, and transform it into a workable puppet. Sounds like soooo much fun, doesn’t it? Lorie is our “wanna-be” puppet guru, but Joe has some quirky ideas of his own and will be leading this workshop in February (since Lorie is in southern Utah soaking up all that sun and warmth while we are all freezing our @$*^&. . . okay, so I digress).

Again, we will meet on February 15, at the SCERA Center, 745 South State at 11 am for the puppet show (remember that the puppet shows are $3/person), break for a quick lunch, and then back for the workshop at 1 pm. If you don’t find Joe, Nat, or me at the puppet show, ask at the ticket office or the main office in the lobby to find out which room we will be in for this puppet makeover.

Anyone still interested in making a spoon/fork marionette, please let Joe know and he has agreed to do a follow-up workshop. We talked about using March’s meeting to finish up either the wanna-bes or the spoon/fork puppets.

If you are not currently a member of the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah, but would LOVE to attend this workshop, you are invited to this workshop for $5/person. Please bring your own critter and join us.

Think happy puppet thoughts—winter cannot last forever, can it?

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