March Follow-up Workshop Info

IMG_0421 Joe’s puppet

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

February’s guild workshop was lots of fun and we got a pretty good start on our wanna-be puppets. If you missed this one, but would still like to complete a wanna-be puppet, the March workshop will be a follow up to finish what we started. The March workshop will be Saturday, March 15, at the SCERA Center, 745 South State. Please note that for the March meeting we will be meeting for the puppet show ($3/person) at 11 am as normal, but the workshop will start at 12:15 pm and go until about 2 pm to facilitate other activities scheduled in the building, and to help Nat meet his responsibilities there.

For those of us who are going to complete a wanna-be puppet, we are going to try to put a skit together using all of our new puppets for the annual workshop at the SCERA Center on Saturday, April 19. Anyone getting any puppet epiphanies (or even vague ideas) for a puppet skit theme please contact me. Critters that were started this month were a beaver, a dog, a gorilla, a snowman, an inchworm (if he is still available when I get back to the DI), and a turtle. As you can see, we could use more critters. So, mark your calendars early (March 15), find that perfect critter, and plan to attend the March workshop.

Thanks a bunch to Joe for his help and to Nat for making sure we have a place to meet.

Think great puppet thoughts and be assured that spring is really coming.

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