SLC “Everything Halloween” workshop a success

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

Just wanted to post a few pics from Saturday’s “Everything Halloween” workshop and follies. It was a great day and well attended. Enough so that it is on the schedule already for next October. If you missed it this time, join us next year. Watch this site for more info.

Thanks to everyone for helping to make this a great puppet festival.

IMG_5218 Punch and Judy showed up for a Halloween story
IMG_5213 Alan Griffin brought Gritch the Witch to the follies
IMG_5224 (1) Jennifer Delaney told skeleton stories
IMG_5172 Faces made in the Needle Felting class

2 thoughts on “SLC “Everything Halloween” workshop a success

  1. Folks–I have been trying to reach someone with your organization (left a message on your facebook page months ago) about getting someone to do a spider puppet show for Antelope Island State Park’s Annual Spider Festival the first Saturday in August.

    I am looking for someone to put on a half hour (paid) puppet spider-themed performance and then give a workshop for kids about making spider puppets. Is there anyone in your guild who would be interested in doing this? If so, please have them contact me at OR 801-889-7209. Thank you. Justina

    • Justina,
      I apologize that your request has been overlooked for so long. The site administrator used to forward comments and requests to me, but it appears that even administrators get caught up in life happenings.
      If you would still be interested in having someone contact you about this request (perhaps for a future event) please reply.
      Secretary, Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah

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