Puppet Fever — Catch it!

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

Well, the National Day of Puppetry has come and gone and was well celebrated throughout our great state with fun puppet festivals. If you missed the Puppet Festival in your part of the state, or if you have not had quite enough, or now that you have been bitten with “puppet fever,” there are a few more puppet related events scheduled.

There will be a sock puppet workshop and puppet performances this Saturday, April 22, at the Ogden Nature Center, 966 W. 12th Street in Ogden, in conjunction with their Earth Day Celebration. There will be lots of other activities for kids including face painting and a climbing wall. The event runs from 11:30 am to 4 pm, and the cost is only $4/person entrance for the day. The workshop is scheduled at 1:30 pm and the puppet performances start at 2:45 pm.

Then on Friday, May 5, there is a Children’s Art Fair at 151 South University Ave., Provo. The Fair runs from 2 to 8 pm and there is a lot for kids to do. Connie is scheduling puppet performances to run from 5 to 8 pm that evening. If you don’t want to perform just come for the activities and see the puppet shows she has lined up.

Then a “Puppets-in-the-Park event is scheduled for Saturday, June 24, from 10 am to 2 pm at the University Mall in Orem (the University Place at their new park). This event is sponsored by the Orem Library, the University Mall, and the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah members in Utah County. Contact Joe Flores at jflores@robotronics.com or joefloresartist@gmail.com with questions or for more info.

The St. George Laughing Cactus guild has shows lined up at the libraries for the summer. Check it out if these libraries are in your area.
Summer Schedule
St. George Library June 20 3:00 pm
Santa Clara Library June 21 10:30 am
Enterprise Library June 28 10:30 am
Washington Library July 10 2:00 pm
Beaver Library July 25 11:30 am
Minersville July 25 2:00 pm
Milford July 25 4:00 pm

Catch the fever and keep this art alive!

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  1. My 14-year-old son has expressed an interest in learning to be a ventriloquist. We live in Davis Co. Is there anywhere he can go in the Greater SLC area to learn this art? We appreciate any suggestions.

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