Ventriloquism Workshop Update

Ventriloquist poster with Kerry Summers pic

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

Not only will we have a great time creating a new wanna-be vent puppet partner (from your own or a second-hand store stuffed character) with help from those who know how from the Brigham City Fine Arts Center, but we now have Kerry Summers, an internationally known professional ventriloquist, joining us for this special workshop as instructor and mentor. (Click the link above to see the attached flyer.)

Some of you already know Kerry as a Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah member from Utah County. However, if you are new to the guild you may not have met him yet because he is often busy traveling the world with his puppets including Elvis. Kerry is listed as one of the top ventriloquists in the country, and has performed in over 30 countries and regularly performs on cruise ships and venues in Branson, Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Japan.

Kerry has always been supportive of our local puppetry guild and he is home and agreed to attend, teach, and perform at the November 4th workshop!

Since sending out our first blurb we now have Kerry Summers to inspire and help us, and we have decided to do an introduction to ventriloquism and look at different vent character ideas for the first half hour before making our own wanna-be vent puppets. Also, note that workshop hours have changed a little to accommodate—now running from 9 am to 2 pm with Kerry’s show at 1 pm. (Bring a sack lunch.)

AND. . . If you are not able to attend the whole morning workshop you can still come and bring your friends and family to the Brigham City Fine Arts Center and World of Puppetry Museum (58 South 100 West, Brigham City) to enjoy the performance at 1 pm. The cost for the show only will be $3/person.

So, if you have other plans for November 4th, change them! This will be an awesome event!

**Just a quick reminder: Your wanna-be critters should have a neck large enough to accommodate your hand and arm, a seam where the mouth will be is nice, but not mandatory, and they should be clean (wash in cold to help prevent color transfer, and dry on fluff only or room dry—any heat from your dryer will frizz or melt most fake furs).

So get out there and find that perfect partner. See you all there.

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