Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah Annual Workshop Schedule

2014 Puppet Fest Workshop Schedule

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

Here is the workshop schedule for our annual Puppetry Workshop held on April 19, 2014. It will be at the SCERA Center, 745 South State, Orem, UT, with classes starting at 8:50 am (that’s right, 10 minutes to nine). When you decide which classes you would like to attend please preregister so workshop leaders will know how many to plan for.

The form is a little misleading. If you are a current member of the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah (single membership), your cost is FREE to attend the workshop. You will still have to pay ($3) for the puppet show at 11 am since this is put on by the SCERA Center, and any workshop fees (workshop leaders will collect any fees required in the class) that apply to the classes you want. If you have a couple/family membership, the other member/members will get into the workshop for the reduced price of $4/person. Again, puppet show tickets and class fees apply. If you are not a member of the guild yet, your cost to attend a day of workshops is only $8/person (plus $3 puppet show and any class fees). The FOLLIES at 4:30 pm are FREE to all workshop attendees. If you have additional family or friends who would like to attend the Follies, the cost is listed on the registration form.

Please get your completed registration forms back to me (address is on the form) ASAP. Puppet show tickets are purchased at the SCERA Center ticket office 30 minutes before the puppet show starting at 11 am.

This is a great lineup of workshop classes this year. You should not be disappointed with any class you choose to attend each hour. Plan to have a GREAT DAY!!

Thanks to all,


Cashore Marionettes coming to Utah

Cashore Pic Cashore Marionettes

The Cashore Marionettes are coming to the Salt Lake City Library’s “Strings Attached” Puppetry Festival, March 29 and 30 at the Main Branch located at 210 E 400 S Salt Lake City, UT

Joe Cashore is an absolute “must see” marionette performer brought to Utah by the Salt Lake City Library. Last time he was in Utah he performed at BYU and USU with tickets from $8 – $12/Person. It was well worth it even at those prices, but this time the performance is FREE thanks to a very generous grant for the arts through the library system.

He will be presenting Simple Gifts, a series of touching portrayals and poignant scenes from everyday life set to stunning music by such composers as Vivaldi, Strauss, Beethoven and Copland. Through a combination of virtuoso manipulation, beautiful music, theatrical illusion, and artistic insight, the original vignettes presented in Simple Gifts provide an entertaining and sensitive vision of what it is to be human. The marionettes are engineering marvels and the quality of movement is extraordinary.

Also presenting at this year’s festival are Freddie Spencer “The Stringman,” Whizgiggles Puppets, Utah Puppet Players, Paradise Puppetworks, and Kipper Brothers Puppet Works. There will also be workshops for kids and did I mention that the whole day is FREE, FREE, FREE!

March Follow-up Workshop Info

IMG_0421 Joe’s puppet

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

February’s guild workshop was lots of fun and we got a pretty good start on our wanna-be puppets. If you missed this one, but would still like to complete a wanna-be puppet, the March workshop will be a follow up to finish what we started. The March workshop will be Saturday, March 15, at the SCERA Center, 745 South State. Please note that for the March meeting we will be meeting for the puppet show ($3/person) at 11 am as normal, but the workshop will start at 12:15 pm and go until about 2 pm to facilitate other activities scheduled in the building, and to help Nat meet his responsibilities there.

For those of us who are going to complete a wanna-be puppet, we are going to try to put a skit together using all of our new puppets for the annual workshop at the SCERA Center on Saturday, April 19. Anyone getting any puppet epiphanies (or even vague ideas) for a puppet skit theme please contact me. Critters that were started this month were a beaver, a dog, a gorilla, a snowman, an inchworm (if he is still available when I get back to the DI), and a turtle. As you can see, we could use more critters. So, mark your calendars early (March 15), find that perfect critter, and plan to attend the March workshop.

Thanks a bunch to Joe for his help and to Nat for making sure we have a place to meet.

Think great puppet thoughts and be assured that spring is really coming.

February “All-Guild” Workshop

Dear Guild Members and Friends of Puppetry,

Here’s the scoop for this month’s “guild-only” workshop. We will be making wanna-be puppets. That means you need to find that adorable stuffed critter hiding in your house (child’s room, maybe) or in your local second hand store. Believe me, they will call out to you–just ask Lorie Hawley. If you cannot make a choice, you just sit on the floor and play with each of them until they let you know who really wants to be a puppet. We will then rip out its innards, create a mouth, and transform it into a workable puppet. Sounds like soooo much fun, doesn’t it? Lorie is our “wanna-be” puppet guru, but Joe has some quirky ideas of his own and will be leading this workshop in February (since Lorie is in southern Utah soaking up all that sun and warmth while we are all freezing our @$*^&. . . okay, so I digress).

Again, we will meet on February 15, at the SCERA Center, 745 South State at 11 am for the puppet show (remember that the puppet shows are $3/person), break for a quick lunch, and then back for the workshop at 1 pm. If you don’t find Joe, Nat, or me at the puppet show, ask at the ticket office or the main office in the lobby to find out which room we will be in for this puppet makeover.

Anyone still interested in making a spoon/fork marionette, please let Joe know and he has agreed to do a follow-up workshop. We talked about using March’s meeting to finish up either the wanna-bes or the spoon/fork puppets.

If you are not currently a member of the Puppetry Arts Guild of Utah, but would LOVE to attend this workshop, you are invited to this workshop for $5/person. Please bring your own critter and join us.

Think happy puppet thoughts—winter cannot last forever, can it?

Annual Puppetry Workshop Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dear Friends of Puppetry,

Saturday, April 19 is our big Annual Puppetry Workshop open to everyone. This is an all-day event starting at 9 am and going thru 4 pm with a break at 11 am for the puppet show, then lunch, and back for more classes at 1 pm thru 4 pm. The puppet follies, open to anyone who wants to participate (5-7 minutes), will start at 4:30 pm. There will be some prizes given this year to first time participants in the follies.

The cost this year is $8/person or $20/family (up to 5 members of the same family). This also includes tickets for the 11 am puppet performance and the follies. Current Guild Members get into the workshop FREE, but will need to pay $3 for the 11 am puppet show–this is a SCERA production. The follies will be FREE for current members and paying workshop attendees. The follies will be $3 to the general public.

Dues for next year will also be due at this time. See me for membership forms at the workshop.

As we get a small break from the snow and cold (only to let in the fog), let us think something “puppety” to spread good karma all around.

Hope to see/meet many of you there,